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Hi! I have a question for which I am not sure that

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    I know the answer.

    It is from homework. It is about tritium atom in its ground state which turns into He+. It says that right after the reaction, the wave function remains as that ot the tritium.

    The question is: what are tha allowed energies of the system right after the reaction?

    Well, I understand that the wave functoin right after reation is that of ground state of tritium (which is just as for H-atom), but it is not an eigen state of the system because the system is He+ system. So, what are really the allowed energies of the system?
    I guess the wave function can be expanded as eigen states of He+. So, does it means that the allowed energies will be those of He+?

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    Your guess is correct!
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    OK. Thanks a lot!

    Thank you!
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