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Hiesenberg uncertainty principle in 100 ACII characters or less

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    Please paraphrase the Hiesenberg Uncertainty Principle in 100 ACII characters or less?

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    s _ _ _ happens!
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    Maybe. .....
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    I don't know, can we?
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    DeltaX times DeltaP is greater than or equal to hbar over two.
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    Our ability to measure pairs of complementary properties is limited to [tex]\hbar[/tex]-sized chunks of uncertainty between them.
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    There's no point in paraphrasing, there's too much confusion and misconception already.
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    Sorry, one more try then? ;)

    Our ability to predict the next measured value in a pair of complementary properties is limited by [tex]\hbar[/tex]-sized chunks of uncertainty.
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    My thought on this is that, if you are truly serious in trying to understand things like this, you won't make a request with such ridiculous constraint.

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    How about:

    You can be sure of one property OR another, but not one property AND another.
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    No. There are many properties for which you can be sure of both; HUP applies when the commutator of the two operators is nonzero.

    And on another note, the OP sounds to me like homework.
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