High speed polymerization reaction initiated by the action

  1. So whats happening is a high speed polymerization reaction initiated by the action of laser light.

    An infrared beam moniters the amount of unreacted acrylate double bonds. But what is an acrylate double bond? Am I correct in saying that a double bond absorbs IR radiation?
    The double bond is the bond between a CH2 and a CH, in the paper that I am reading.

    My next question is, why use Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy over any other spectroscopic technique to determine the amount of unreacted double bonds through time in a sample?
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    Re: Spectroscopy

    That's the one.

    Actually the double bond conjugated to the carbonyl is the absorbing species. The carbonyl peak shifts slightly when conjugated to the double bond.

    You can take a FT scan in less than a second vs a scanning IR that might take a few minutes per scan.
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    Thank you :)
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