What is High speed: Definition and 87 Discussions

High-speed rail (HSR) is a type of rail transport that runs significantly faster than traditional rail traffic, using an integrated system of specialized rolling stock and dedicated tracks. While there is no single standard that applies worldwide, new lines in excess of 250 kilometres per hour (160 mph) and existing lines in excess of 200 kilometres per hour (120 mph) are widely considered to be high-speed. The first high-speed rail system, the Tōkaidō Shinkansen, began operations in Japan in 1964 and was widely known as the bullet train. High-speed trains mostly operate on standard gauge tracks of continuously welded rail on grade-separated right-of-way that incorporates a large turning radius in its design, however certain regions with wider legacy railways, such as Russia have sought to develop a high speed railway network in broad gauge.
Several countries have built and developed high-speed rail infrastructure to connect major cities, including Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uzbekistan. Only in Europe does high-speed rail cross international borders. China had built over 37,900 kilometres (23,500 mi) of high-speed rail as of December 2020, accounting for more than two-thirds of the world's total.High-speed rail is the fastest ground-based commercial transportation. The Shanghai Maglev Train, opened in 2004, is the fastest commercial passenger maglev in operation, at 430 km/h. The Euroduplex TGV trains broke a record of 574.8 km/h, making it the fastest conventional wheeled train. The Chuo Shinkansen in Japan is a maglev line under construction from Tokyo to Osaka at commercial speeds of 500 km/h, with operations due to start in 2027.

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  1. Daveopg

    B Light Behaviour at High Speed: Explained

    First, I am way out of my field of understanding here so please keep it simple. I watched some videos on E=MC2 which led to how light reacts differently than matter at high speeds causing time to slow down when moving fast. My question is, if I was to shine a flashlight perpendicular (90...
  2. S

    How is high speed computer stock trading taxed?

    In the USA, ordinary citizens pay different tax rates for "long term capital gains" versus "short term capital gains". What rates do organizations that do high speed stock trading with computers pay? Are all their profits short term capital gains? Or do they establish themselves as...
  3. danielhaish

    Does it take longer to accelerate from high speed to higher

    I wanted to ask this question for very long . lets say we have rocket in mass of 1kg in space that moving in speed of 100 m/s if we want the rocket to speed up, we need to spent some energy that equal to mv^2/2. in our case it 1*200^2/2 it 2000 Minos the energy we already have which is...
  4. J

    I Question on high speed astrophysics — when an object goes near of the speed of light

    I take the following example to explain my question : when a « black-hole » is attracting a planet there is a Force which is proportional to the 2 masses and inversely proportional to the distance between the 2 masses. When the planet moves towards the « black-hole » this attraction force...
  5. D

    B Can event horizons cross for passing black holes at high speed

    Scenario: You have two black holes approaching, one from the left (A), one from the right (B), each at speed S. They are offset vertically. S is sufficiently high that they will deflect passed each other without merging. Question: Suppose the speed S is high enough so that the event...
  6. A

    Is Electromagnetic Braking Suitable for High-Speed Monorail Stopping?

    I'm working on a project and came across electromagnetic braking recently and I'm really curious to know if it's really feasible. The project in brief is a vehicle on a monorail at speeds of +600km/hr needs to be stopped. The monorail is made of an alloy of aluminium. I have no background in...
  7. W

    I Planck length at high speed

    Imagine I had a ruler 1 Planck length long, I then send it on a rocket close to the speed of light, does its length contract? It seems to my simple intuition, relativity would say yes and Qm would say no. Is there a simple solution to this ?
  8. Hiero

    I Meter stick slides over a meter wide hole at a high speed

    Consider a meter stick sliding along its length towards a hole which is a meter wide in the direction of motion. Suppose the meter stick moves with speed so that the gamma factor is 10. Then in the stick’s frame, the hole is 10cm and should be easy to cross. But in the hole’s frame, the stick...
  9. T

    Opening a car door at a high speed

    What would happen if a car is driving down a highway at 80Mph and one of the doors is fully opened. Will it make a big change and make it slow down or start turning?
  10. C

    Guidance on Sensor Choices for High Speed Impact Sensing

    I am a fourth year biomedical and mechanical engineering student and my final project has to do with designing a crash test dummy. The end goal is to mount the dummy on a bicycle and launch it at ~20kh/h, then it will be struck by an automobile driving at ~30km/h. Various different impact...
  11. B

    Dynamic/Static pressure -- High speed railways

    I am currently doing a research project in the attenuation of pressure waves. With an focus on dealing with sonic booms the are generated from high speed train tunnels. my experiments involved pressurizing a cylinder then using a rapid release valve allowing the air to escape along a pipe. I...
  12. M

    Going beyond solar system with high speed

    Hey guys, Is it possible to travel with high speed beyond a solar system or a galaxy? Or is there something that will prevent something to move at high speed outside a solar system or a galaxy?
  13. Tareq Naushad

    B Life of free electrons in space

    If I shoot some free electrons detached from any atom in space from a space station what happens to the electrons? I know around the atom's nucleus electron creates cloud like movement having various energy levels. But what type of movement , cloud and energy the electron holds in absence of any...
  14. D

    Human comprehension while moving at high speeds?

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but I was looking up some of the fastest vehicles in the world, with the Thrust SSC recorded to have traveled at 771 mph. On top of that many aircraft are capable of moving at speeds over 1500mph. So I was wondering how well can humans comprehed...
  15. G

    I'm curious about radiation effect from high speed cpu

    Hello. We're in the age of the high speed computation. Personal computer clock speed is on the order of GHz and scientist looks for a way to raise the speed up to THz class. I've read this from newspaper and got some question. I've learned in class that radiation effect becomes severe as...
  16. K

    Gearing Down A High Speed Input (>10K RPM)

    Hello All, I am trying to find a combination of gearing technologies to satisfy the below design challenge. I don't see a commercially available solution; I am hoping you might be able to help me understand what physical effects make this design problem hard, and propose solutions worth looking...
  17. L

    Optimizing High Speed Transit for Comfort and Safety: A Scientific Approach

    Hi everyone, I am an aspiring writer, and I have come here seeking some insight/a second opinion. I recently decided to work on my one novel, a science fiction story, and unlike some other sci-fi writers, I want to make my book as scientifically plausible as I can, without relying on something...
  18. H

    Selecting Appropriate Damper

    I've been a bit lost figuring out what damper I should be using for the front suspension I am designing. Right now I'm running a wheel rate of 60 lbf/in at the front with a ride frequency of 1.2254 Hz. The front is also supporting a sprung mass of 391.68 lbf. Comfort is the end requirement of...
  19. Misha Kuznetsov

    Uncertainty Principle of a high speed particle

    Hello everyone, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle states that the less uncertainty there is of a particles position, the more uncertainty there has to be of its momentum. Since mass is a constant in this case, we can refer to the uncertainty of the velocity instead. I was reading a physics...
  20. P

    Optimizing Motor Pulley & Rope Combination for High Speed

    Hello Guys, I need little help currently I am working with on a Project that includes Motor Pulley and rope combination. The previous version of our Test bench was having a Motor pulley and rope and the rope was wrapped around the pulley as in most of the cases, but now I am trying to optimize...
  21. P

    Time Dilation Effect on High-Speed Object Orbiting Massive Object

    I browsed a lot this forum to find an answer, but it always ends up in the same way : no constant answer. I understand how time dilation relative to speed or to gravity separately work. But what about an object orbiting at high speed (natural ans stable orbit) an other object with a...
  22. A

    Boosting FM Band Signals with High Speed Buffers: Op Amp Suggestions?

    Hey guys, So I have been running some simulations where I am creating a BPF around the FM band and when I measure the signal on the output, it's much lower than my original signal. So I thought if I put a buffer between the LPF and HPF to electrically isolate the circuits this would help, but...
  23. W

    Would this high speed flywheel concept work?

    Im working on designing a high speed flywheel as part of a project. The main issue is the centrifugal forces acting on the flywheel to tear it apart. If i was to construct a flywheel using interference fit tubing which is put together using thermal expansion of the outer tubes so that they are...
  24. W

    Could i use electromagnets to increase the strength of a high speed

    Flywheel? I don't know much about magnets, but if i used magnets on the out side of a flywheel and the inside of the flywheel caseing which repel each other effectively crushing the flywheel to oppose centrifugal forces. Would this creat greater resistance on the rotation of the flywheel? Thanks
  25. K

    Braking at high speed vs low speed.

    I am interested in the forces at play determining wheel lock up at different speeds. Lets say a car is capable of locking the front wheels up at 130mph. Does it lock up the wheels significantly easier at 30mph? If so, why? If we assume it can generate the same acceleration level from...
  26. G

    The aging effect with regard to high speed travel

    Hi Suppose an astronaut is accelerated to the speed of light (OK to one part in a million less than the actual speed of light ) and makes a journey to the event horizon of a black hole that is ,at the outset of the journey and hopefully also when he reaches it) 100 light year distant...
  27. V

    Using a transistor as a (relatively) high speed switch

    So I'd like to pulse a current to a load from a transistor. I can use a µ-controller to trigger a transistor. The µ only has a minimum pulse length of about 100ns or greater. But I would like to have the current flow through the transistor for a much shorter pulse length than 100ns. Maybe a...
  28. K

    Choose Best Pole-Slot to Increase Motor Speed

    hye everyone...I wish to ask help from all of you make suggestions to me to choose number of pole-slot that suitable to increase the speed of motor.thank.
  29. D

    How do you calculate torque produced by high speed winds on a turbine

    Salutations... I am new to this and have a project that I am working on for power generation in high wind conditions and could use some enlightenment. I am using a proprietary, lite weight turbine (impeller) design, enclosed in a duct, that has the following dimensions: 4 blade turbine...
  30. I

    Circulating a fluid at a very high speed in a spiral pipe

    Through a spiral pipe is circulating a fluid with high speed, this will lead to many effects and forces like inertia and gyroscopic effect. http://www.2live.ro/demo/Serpentina.bmp I do not know how to approach the problem in order to find the distribution of forces...
  31. F

    Question about high speed objects

    If an object is moving at a high velocity (i.e. an asteroid or comet) and it impacts something such as a planet is the resulting force of the impact explosive or kinetic?
  32. S

    Article on High Speed Travel

    http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2011/06/01/striving-for-the-speed-of-ligh/ In this article, the author claims that it would take a little over 1.25 years to reach 90% the speed of light if we accelerate at 1g. However, if I let F=dp/dt, where p=γmv, and then integrate F with...
  33. D

    Could traveling at high speed pay off financially back on Earth?

    Hypothetical Space/time perception concept with financial implications. If you were to invest a $100,000 in an account with 3% annual interest, how much interest would you have accrued in $ if you were to travel at 80 % the speed of light directly away from Earth for 1 year, and then...
  34. H

    Why harder to turn motorbike handle at high speed?

    When riding a motorbike, at relatively high speeds the handle becomes harder to turn. Is this due to the conservation of angular momentum or is there another reason for it? I say another reason because the handle turns back if released ( I think). The conservation of the angular momentum doesn't...
  35. M

    News Is High Speed Stock Trading Between Computers Safe?

    I can tolerate a person trading with a computer or a computer trading with a person but computers trading stocks with computers? That seems incredibly and obviously wrong to me or am I missing something here? Never mind my philosophical objections, I think it's just plain dangerous. If...
  36. C

    Time dilation vs effects of high speed motion

    I am extremely confused with why time dilation is different from what I've read about traveling at speeds near that of light. I think that I am mixing up two concepts. What I understand is that due to time dilation, both observers would view the other's clock as running slow as long as both...
  37. E

    High speed electric motors specifications

    Hello, I'd like to ask if anyone could give me information or a link to web page where I can find some for the most advanced high speed electric motors used today in cutting machines - speed range, torque and etc. I tried to find searching in Google but I haven't found anything. If someone...
  38. J

    Changes in mass and length at high speed

    So, I've never been able to understand where the extra mass comes from when an object is traveling near the speed of light. The same for length, where does the excess length go? Also, why does the object increase in mass. I'm pretty weak in relativity. I understand the equations and that's...
  39. N

    A Bus travelling at a very high speed.

    A bus travels at a very high speed. It's time slows down. What's the mechanism by which this happens? Any help please?
  40. M

    Flowfield visualization of a gun shooting underwater high speed video

    I ran this experiment to find out what a gun would look like while shooting under water. Turns out to be quite interesting. The muzzle blast is NOT spherical as I first assumed. Regards, Mrpennywhistle
  41. Drakkith

    Magnetic Field of High Speed Ions

    Hey all. Just a quick question. Would high speed positive ions in a vacuum create a magnetic field that would attract other positively charged particles? If so, why is that? I understand that moving charges creat magnetic fields, but I thought that in the absence of a conductor or opposite...
  42. K

    Exploring Transverse Rotors for High Speed Flight in Sikorsky X2 and S-69 Concepts

    I was thinking about the design of the Sikorsky X2 and S-69 concepts today, and I thought of an interesting idea. I am by no means an expert, but I guess you could say I know more about this subject than the average person. So anyway, if you know about the S-69 and the new Sikorsky X2...
  43. G

    Rotational motion of a high speed flywheel.

    Homework Statement A high-speed flywheel in a motor is spinning at 450 rpm when a power failure suddenly occurs. The flywheel has mass 36.0 kg and diameter 70.0 cm. The power is off for 34.0 s and during this time the flywheel slows due to friction in its axle bearings. During the time the...
  44. T

    High speed sine wave to square wave converter

    Hi guys, I need to convert a sine wave to square wave, sine wave is running at about 1.5 GHz, so I had an idea of using comparator, but I am afraid that most of the conventional op-amps can't support my speed requirement. Any advice and reference circuits please.
  45. F

    Therefore, the drum rotates 142.97 times before coming to rest.

    High speed cameras are used to photograph events which take place too quickly to be seen by the human eye. One such high speed camera is composed of a rotating film drum, a rotating shutter and some miscellaneous optics. The film is fastened along the outside of the drum (along its entire...
  46. L

    Probing high speed digital circuits

    I have a 100MHz bus going from CPU to Memory. The routing length is about 2inches. So there is no termination. When I hook up the bus to a Logic analyzer, how do I know the Logic analyzer probes are not causing any reflection and messing up the bus signals. The length of the probe is about...
  47. G

    Where Can I Find High Speed Electric Motors Over 10000RPM and 0.2 N*m?

    I'm looking for a electric motor that works at speeds higher then 10000RPM and 0.2 N*m. Which companies manufacture such high speed motors?
  48. K

    Why Does Low Level, High Speed Flight Decrease Aircraft Efficiency?

    hey, I was reading Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach by Raymer and i came across the following line. ' The aerodynamic efficiency of an aircraft, expressed as the lift to drag ratio is greatly reduced during low level, high speed flight as well is its engine efficiency. ' Can someone...
  49. R

    Why do ice skaters bend at an angle when taking a turn at high speed?

    Why do ice skaters bend at an angle when taking a turn at high speed? I saw some pictures of ice skaters leaning while taking turn...in case of motorcyclists it is due to gyro effect but what in this case?