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I Hilbert Space vs Quantum Vacuum

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    If Hilbert space is just a mathematical tool like a column for an accountant and doesn't have factual existence. How about the quantum vacuum. Isn't it quantum vacuum is just another tool? Is it like Hilbert space or does the quantum vacuum have more factual existence?

    If the quantum vacuum is just a math tool but has more factual existence. And since quantum vacuum uses Hilbert space.. can't we say the Hilbert space also has factual existence?
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    Does anything in physics have any factual existence at all? Fields, forces, vectors? In my opinion, it's all just a good mathematical approximation to reality. But none of it is actually there.
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    In Many worlds, is it about Hilbert space or quantum vacuum? Can there be different constants of nature in different branches of many worlds? If Many world is limited to merely Hilbert space, why doesn't it have quantum vacuum too?
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    Neither "Hilbert space" nor "quantum vacuum" make sense the way way you're using them here. Someone has already pointed you at the proper definition of Hilbert space in one of your other threads, and of course vacuums exist and are described by quantum mechanics no matter which interpretation you're using. There are also a number of threads here in which your question about the constants of nature are answered; the quick summary is that the answer is "no".

    This thread is closed, as it based completely on misunderstandings.
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