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Historical Perspective of Queen Elizabeth's Rule

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    This won't be news to the lovely PFers who happen to be Brits or Commonwealth citizens. But this floored me - I guess I'd never really thought about it:


    Several hundred years from now, people might not think of the latter part of the 20th century as the Cold War Era, or the Post-WW2 Era, or any other name except the Elizabethan Era. Like the Victorian Era.

    What an amazing woman!
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    Only because she's so old???
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    You may be making her more amazing that she really is. Your listing has all presidents, prime ministers, etc. from her birth (hence Shyan's comment I presume). It would make more sense to list only those who were in office while she was- that is, from 1952 so starting with Churchill, Truman, etc.
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