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History repeats itself examples; any ideas? ( )

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    History repeats itself examples; any ideas? (plz!!)

    Can please give me any ideas about examples ‘history repeating itself’ in Indian history?
    It’s for my history project on “History Repeats Itself”. Our teacher told us to collect the information from the internet but in spite of googling I could not get any sites offering such information and I also downloaded a brief timeline of Indian history but I could not get any useful information out of it.:cry::frown:
    If anyone could give any information about any site with such content or any ideas or hints or anything related, I would be very grateful!!:smile:
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    Re: History repeats itself examples; any ideas? (plz!!)

    You might try drawing an analogy on how the first Aryan invasions influenced Indian history via language, religion and social stratification and the second Aryan invasion by the British did the same. Of course the seeking of specific similarities are yours to work oput.
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