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Homework Help: Hockey and law of conservation HELP

  1. Jul 18, 2012 #1
    Hockey and law of conservation HELP!!

    Choose a sport -HOCKEY
    a) list all types of energy that you feel are relevant to this sport
    b) describe two tranformations of energy from one form to another
    c) suggest one way in which you feel consideration of the law of conservation of energy has brought about changes in the way the sport is now being played, or could be used to improve the sport.


    a)*chemical potentioal energy
    *elastic potential energy
    *rotational energy
    * biochemical energy
    *sound energy
    *thermal energy
    *kinetic energy

    b)Both player and earth’s gravity do work on the hockey stick as it descends during a slap shot, transferring kinetic energy to the stick. The work done in bending the stick during the initial contact with the puck stores elastic potential energy in the stick. As the shot is completed the potential energy of the stick is transformed into kenetioc energy of the stick. The kinetic energy of the stick will be transformed into both kinetic energy of the puck and sound energy. (two colours are the tranformation i believe are correct)

    c) I have no idea what to write down on this one. I am assuming it will have to do with the puck somehow ... but i cant really grasp the idea behind this....
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    Re: Hockey and law of conservation HELP!!

    As the shot is completed the potential energy of the stick is transformed into kenetioc energy of the stick.

    Which potential energy were you referring to here? The Gravitational Potential Energy because the stick started at shoulder height, or the stored Elastic Potential Energy you had just mentioned?

    Did you really mean it was transformed into kinetic energy of the stick, or did you mean transformed/transferred to kinetic energy of the puck?

    btw: did you choose Hockey, or were you assigned Hockey? Perhaps a different sport would be easier to follow. Alternately, do some research on the evolution of hockey "equipment". Positive changes have probably been made over the years, and that may give you a hint as to which way to go.
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    Re: Hockey and law of conservation HELP!!

    I don't really now this, but probably one way that the conservation of energy may have afected the sport is in the stick. You'd want a stick that is as efficient as possible when transfering kinetic energy to the puck, i.e. not oosing as much energy as sound or heat.

    As I said, I'm not sure of this, but I think that, at least, its a reasonable asumption.
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