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I Holographic principle versus no-cloning

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    If I understand the holographic principle for black holes correctly (which is highly unlikely, but this is a start), the information of a particle falling into a black hole is encoded on the event horizon. But from the view of General Relativity, the particle will not notice a change upon passing the event horizon. Therefore, the information will be in two places: on the event horizon and in the interior of the black hole, which would contradict the no-cloning rule of quantum mechanics, no? Obviously there is a basic confusion on my part which I would be grateful for someone to clear up.
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    This is not just confusion on your part. There was a PF thread related to this less than a year ago.

    I don't see a contradiction. There is no one observer that can see both expressions of the particle or object at the same time.
    A single electron can be moved about in a CRT and it isn't cloning because its just one electron - just different places at different times. The same with an electron crossing an event horizon. The view from the reference frame that sees the event horizon will be of a particular moment in the electrons path. The view from the "other side" of the event horizon will be a more typical view of the electron movement - occurring across a longer period of time.
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    Thanks, .Scott. That seems to make sense. By the way, I searched for the other thread to which you refer: apparently my search capabilities were not up to the task. If you remember where that thread was, could you forward me the link? I would be grateful.
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