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Hopefully an Interesting Introduction

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    Hey Everyone! I'm new here as a member but not as a visitor. I've looked upon these forums for answers, guidance, and general informative information. I liked what I saw so much that I decided to join.

    A little about me: My name is Edward, I live in Tennessee and am currently working my way through a Master's in applied statistics and computer engineering with an emphasis on cryptography. I have many interests but specifically how these fields can relate to quantum cryptography is a big one (which my school offers no courses in). I have a background in medicine (military) and IT. I think the two are excellent bedfellows and am excited to work in a field in which I can use everything I've learned (or will learn) and have experience in.

    I am interested in physics as a whole and can certainly appreciate the various disclipines, the one field as mentioned above is certainly quantum computing and quantum crypto. I'm nearly tempted to pick up additional physics classes or even obtain a degree in a specific concentration (who knows?) - feel free to ask me any questions! I have a background in C++, Ruby, VB,some Java (which will be obsolete soon), and MatLab (I dislike) I have been searching for a good free online resource to learn R, but have had no luck. Too bad not all schools offer this *ahem* mine.
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    Welcome to PF!

    You should check into Julia. I think it will surpass MATLAB as it gets more mainstream and its open source. One of its key features is interoperability with Fortran (legacy models) C/C++, Python and R and it runs orders of magnitude faster than MATLAB according to recent benchmarks.

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    Welcome to the forum
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