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Homework Help: Horz./vert. components of force

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A man is dragging a trunk up the loading ramp of a mover's truck. The ramp has a slope angle of 20.0, and the man pulls upward with a force of magnitude 381N whose direction makes an angle of 30.0 with the ramp.

    Im in need of some help I cant seem to figure out how to get each component of the force I know each has its own force in the x and y

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    I would start off by rotating my axis so they match with the ramp axis, which I'm sure you have done in class, then figure out the gravitational force down the ramp and the pulling force up the ramp. If you want more help you will have to be more specific and show what part you are stuck on.
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    hmm actually no i never rotated the axis i couldnt figure out how to solve the problem. i ended up with the answers im just trying to get an idea of how it was solved. I got 245N for the x components and 292N for the y
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    You must have done a lot of algebra then, but you ended up with the right answer (good if so)? Can I see what you did?
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