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News Houston, we have a problem with dog bites

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    Worst cities for postal worker dog bites (cnn.com)

    I can sympathize with those postal workers... I was bitten by a dog a few weeks ago, walking home from work, down the street, not on private property. Fortunately it turned out to be a superficial injury that healed quickly, with no treatment needed except for a tetanus shot as a precaution. The local health department found three dogs meeting my description, in that block, and quarantined them under observation for rabies, with negative results. However, because the specific owner couldn't be identified, I'm still on the hook for the bill at the hospital emergency room. :mad:

    I don't walk down that block any more.
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    You think that`s bad check this out.By the way it may make you feel queasy.
    "In May 2013, Mr Clarke was "eaten alive" by the dog, which had not been fed for 45 hours, when he opened his back door while he cooked a meal"
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