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Hovercraft levitation - simple ideas needed

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    Okay, I know there are old posts, but I can't understand a word cause I'm in 7th grade. So, I need to make a miniature hovercraft that can actually levitate. Price isn't a problem, so can anyone give me the basic materials and where to get them? I'm not what you call a physic or math genius, so bear with me.
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    Ok, thanks, I'll look it up.
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    Ok, I saw the remote controlled one, but I need to build one, not buy one. I want to get a good grade on the this project, do you have any ideas on how to make one?
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    And also, I need to do this in-class, I think, so a little 5x11 inch one or something is about it
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    Re: Hovercraft

    ive made little hovercrafts out of foam meat trays a nine volt and two motors with computer fans on them...Pretty cool! interested?
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    Re: Hovercraft

    You can make a quick and dirty one with a CD, a small thread spool glued to the CD so the holes match and a balloon attached to the spool (or some other way to attach the balloon to the CD hole), you might have to make the CD hole a little smaller. Blow up the balloon through the CD hole and set it on the floor and you have a hovercraft for as long as the air in the balloon lasts. It will work better with a 33rpm record and a bigger balloon if you can find one. I did this as a kid with a record and it works. If you can find a small enough and light enough air pump a record will give you a nice base to build on, lots of surface area. Just try to get it balanced as good as possible when you build it. A little creative covering and you have a flying saucer. You will have to give it a push unless you put in some kind of side thrust on top but it will go a long way with a push because it is almost frictionless.

    I was looking at a gas powered backpack leaf blower the other day and started to think about running the air to some wide bottom shoes to make a personal type of hovercraft (more like frictionless shoes than hovercraft) but I don't think it would put out enough air pressure to have reasonably small shoes. The larger the surface area underneath, the less air pressure is required.

    edit: just noticed how old this thread is, the kid could be in college now lol
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    Re: Hovercraft

    haha thanks guys, but i'm already done with the project now
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