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How are my chances for graduate school in math?

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    I'm a senior planning on going to graduate school for math. I'll take a year off and apply next year. I decided all of this kind of at the last minute, and as a result, my application is looking a little weak:

    Projected GPA: ~3.7
    Projected Math GPA: ~3.62 (not including Calc 1,2,3 and Diff Eq)

    In order, my courses and grades are as follows:

    Core courses:
    Calc 1, 2, 3, Diff. Eq.: A
    Numbers & Polynomials (proofs): A
    Linear Algebra: A
    Abstract Algebra: C
    Advanced Calculus 1: C+
    Advanced Calculus 2: B+

    Combinatorics 1: B+
    Functions of a Complex Variable: B+
    Geometry: A

    This Semester (projected grades)
    Topology 1: A
    Graduate Level Modern Analysis 1: A
    Graduate Level Algebra 1: B+ (A is possible)

    Final Semester (hopeful grades)
    Topology 2: A
    Graduate Level Modern Analysis 2: A
    Combinatorics 2: A

    I am working on an Honors Thesis with a professor. It is research-esque. I'm not counting on any publications, but I am counting on an excellent recommendation letter. I can get two more decent letters from other professors.

    Hopefully I can pull off two great GRE scores.

    Notable weaknesses:
    Low GPA. In Particular, the C and C+ in Algebra and Adv. Calc. (hence the two grad courses)
    No number theory (The course is very elementary. I know most of it. It's offered during Combinatorics, which is my primary interest)
    No extensive research experience.
    Too many B+'s, not enough A's. (I think so, at least.)

    I'm feeling overly pessimistic. I'm looking at schools in the Top 20-40, but don't expect to get into anything, and I probably will not go to grad school if the only schools that accept me are very low tier.

    What do you guys think my chances are looking like?

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