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How can I calculate the pitch of a hovercraft propeller

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    How can I calculate the pitch of a hovercraft propeller, what variables do I need?
    How do I know how many blades must I use to get the ultimate end result?
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    I am no aeronautical engineer, but you might want to start with:
    How much thrust do you want to produce?
    What is the length of each blade?
    How much shaft HP can you generate?
    Or, How much do you have?
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    mm...sorry.. i am new here. and i have exactly the same question as his.
    so, when i got all those specification. what should i do then?
    does this calculations can be applied to ship propeller?
    let's say ship in small size , about a size of a tugboat.

    thanks before.
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    That would require you to measure the angles of the blade, usually at a specified radial distance (probably 0.75R).

    That's a loaded question, as it would require using blade element theory and an analysis of the rotor solidity. In short, just build different sets of blades yourself, test it out and record the results.
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