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  1. rcgldr

    I Pressure distribution for a ducted propeller

    Rather than going off topic in a thread about inviscid fluid in a pipe, I decided to start a new thread. For this thread, I'm wondering about the effect of a ducted propeller operating in the air. Using this NASA article as a guide: The...
  2. R

    Aircraft Propeller Blast velocity while in motion

    I am working on a range extender for full size electric aircraft. It is a turbine located under the cowling, protruding only 8 inches. On my full size static model, the turbine can produce 600 watts with the prop blast v measuring 38 mph. If we could fly the plane (we can't, no wings) at 80...
  3. Marco97

    I Marine propeller thrust?

    Hello folks! I hope all of you are having a good day. Here is my question: How can I calculate the thrust needed by a marine propeller to move a body of about 120 kg? Also, as long we are talking about marine propeller, our propulsion is in water and not in air, so what about the rpm? Are they...
  4. K

    Equilibrium velocity of a propeller-driven aircraft

    Hi - I just want to know if I'm approaching this correctly. I'm trying to calculate the equilibrium velocity of a propeller-driven aircraft when supplied a given amount of power. I'm iterating: min_velocity = 0.01 max_velocity= 200 aircraft_velocity = 5 for i in range(steps): force = 0.5 *...
  5. ali nemati

    Maximum Thrust force in submarine

    I am designing a submarine in low scale that the max propeller OD is 10 cm, means from center of shaft to propeller edge I have around 5 cm distance. I am trying to find the maximum thrust as this submarine suppose to pull an object inside water pipe. I need to find optimum rpm ,blade number...
  6. R

    Hovercraft/Fan/Air compression

    Hi I'm working on a project where I would need to lift about 400 pounds about 1 inch off the ground and keep the momentum in order to manually move it. I thought about using four fans with a skit on each corner facing downward to allow for upward movement, but I'm not sure how much power I would...
  7. Q

    What is a good power source for a personal flying machine?

    Hello, I am trying to build a personal (one-manned) propulsion system that will allow individuals to fly above the trees, preferably fast, and for long amounts of time. I plan to do so using propellers. The power will need to be plentiful and long lasting. These are some options that I am...
  8. K

    Auto/Motor Building a mini physics motor boat -- Help?

    Should the propeller rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise? Which way will be faster and will allow the boat to accelerate the fastest?
  9. M

    Propeller's Thrust

    I would like to know how does the general equation about propellers thrust look like. How should I calculate the force to be big enough for a lift off? The object (a drone) is located in a spacecraft, which means the gravitational force is 0. Are there more variables that I should concern about...
  10. M

    Optimum positioning of fan inside an enclosure

    Hello! I am an electronics engineer and the only time I came across Fluid mechanics was in class 12. I have been stuck for a long time in the finalization of a product. The difficulty is that I need to design a heat-sink, place a fan over it and perform a thermo-fluid simulation of the system...