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Physics How can i get better at physics?

  1. May 11, 2016 #1
    I barely made a B on my final grade for physics 2325, even though I studied very hard for that class. I spend weeks and nights studying and I made Cs and Bs on my tests, and I made a 68 on my final :(. I have taken calc 3 and got an A but I have never taken a physics class and i am hoping to get better over the summer. But how do I get better at it!!? I am thinking of getting a minor in physics, i ended up loving it, even though I feel like I failed! I am hoping in becoming an mechanical engineering, should I reconsider my career choice?
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    How do you study for physics? Do you read the sections over and over, or do you spend most of your time solving the problems?
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    I agree to Mondayman. You first have to reconsider the way of studying. I think that this is probably the main problem. It is absolutely necessary to study the text but you definitely need to put enough time and concentration on solving problems - particularly hard ones. There is plenty of books and material for this on the net, besides your textbook(s).
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