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How can I get the wave function

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    Hi! In every qm exercise I have the wave at time t=0 and I have to study its evolution in time. But experimentally, how can I get the wave function at time t=0? For example, if Im studying the motion of my car, how can I get its wave function?
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    By solving the time independent Schrödinger equation.
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    Please. The whole problem with quantum mechanics is that you can never get the wave function for t=0. It's fundamentally unknowable.
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    And so the problems like "given the wave function at time t=0...." aren't real?
    How can I calculate the wave function associated with e.g. an electron?
    Obviously I can't solve the Shrodinger equation, because to solve it I need the Fourier transform of the wave function in order to build the wave packet...
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