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How can neutron stars have magnetospheres?

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    Neutron stars are neutral by definition. How can they have magnetospheres which are polar by definition?
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    An iron magnet is charge neutral, and yet it has a magnetic field. While neutron stars are mainly neutrons, they contain charged particles as well. See this Wikipedia link for an overview of the best guess of a neutron star structure. It is believed that the magnetic field in a neutron star is "frozen in" from the magnetic field that was present in the star before it collapsed.
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    Fascinating!!! Thanks so much!
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    By the way, neutrons may be electrically neutral but they still have magnetic moments.
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    I'm fascinated. Is there a link that could explain this?
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    A brief explanation for the magnetic fields of neutron stars is offered here; http://www.astronomycafe.net/qadir/q250.html, If neutrons have no magnetic polarity, why do neutron stars have such strong magnetic fields?
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