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How can we measure the reality in quBits?

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    How can we measure the "reality" in quBits?

    All matter is based in information, and quantum computing use quBits, so I was wondering how can we measure the reaility in quBits?
    A certain solid objet, let's imagine an apple, it has a weight and we can calculate (approximately) the number of atoms in it.
    How can we know the number of quBits in that apple?
    I was thinking about this long time ago, and if could it be possible to develop an excell with the appropriate formulas in which introducing some parameters (for example the number of atoms present in a solid object?) could we find the qubits in it.
    Any ideas?
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    Re: How can we measure the "reality" in quBits?

    Well I think you need to read up on quantum entanglement , and quantum physics basically, wikipedia will do for starters.
    Your question is not so clear it is hard to derive a idea from it but talking about an apple or any other physical object , you can't actually tell the entanglement in it's atoms , when atoms and elementary particles are all together in an object they are usually so much and they are constantly interacting with one another and that causes decoherence so you wouldn't be able to tell.
    That's why physicists use extremely low temperatures and magnetic fields and other things to separate individual electrons for example so that would not be able to interact atleast for a while so that they could see and use the quantum entanglement effects.The moment you take away those special conditions the electrons interact and the entanglement is lost.

    ofcourse in an apple there could be many particles in an entangled state at the same moment but that happens so fast and they are so many that there would be no way to tell.
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    Re: How can we measure the "reality" in quBits?

    So would it be impossible to calculate in a rough way (approximate) the number of qubits present in a solid object?
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    Re: How can we measure the "reality" in quBits?

    In theory almoust anything can be done in reality I think it would be like counting the hair on your head.
    Pretty hard close to impossible ofcourse if your not a bold head.

    Even in a tiny piece of matter there are millions of millions of atoms and way more elementary particles.So well...
    Remember that for one to know if two particles have been or are entangled they have to measure them which requires to separate them from the rest and so on.That's a tough thing to accomplish.
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    Re: How can we measure the "reality" in quBits?

    You'd need an impossibly large excel sheet...see here:


    not enough of them in the world.
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