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How did S-Matrix theory affect the birth of String Theory?

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    Can somebody please explain to me how the S-Matrix of Heisenberg and others helped influence the birth of String Theory. I keep hearing people say that String Theory came as a result of S-Matrix but I don't see the connection. Please keep maths to a minimal. Thanks.
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    As far as I remember it came from QCD, and from a problem in Feynman diagrams in QCD.

    You can watch Leonard Susskind lecture on String theory on youtube. (the maths is truly minimal there, so much that I stopped watching midway through the series; I prefer to lay on me the maths, I am not afraid... :-D).
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    I would say, that the S Matrix is helping to downgrade Stringtheory into a kommensurable language for QFT. This was the first sign of success to prove that String theory has something to do with reality. Kind of indirect prove that String theory is not only any imaginary mindblow. All stringtheorists are now looking to "translate" Stringtheory into a QT like mathematical language, so that it can be proved indirectly. But as far as I know it is only successfull in 3 of 5 String Theorys. And for the Ed Wittens M Theory it isn't successfull yet.
    In Utrecht 2013 we saw that this is not easy and will take much more time than we thought. Here you can get an insight into the Convention in Utrecht 2013
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