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How did we photograph the universe?

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    Lately I've watched a couple of YouTube clips showing various journeys through the universe, starting at Earth and ending with the many clusters of galaxies.

    A question that came to mind, is how do we have photos that look like they've been taken by an observer outside the Milky Way, or outside our galaxy cluster, for that matter?

    A quick google search, and a search of the forums didn't get me any results, so I'm passing the question on to you.

    I'd really love to know how we accomplished these photos. :)
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    There are no such real photos. They are all CGI.
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    Based on what, then? Are they pure imagination, or do we have a way to actually compile them based on available information?
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    Well, I don't know exactly what images/movies you are talking about. Some of them are strictly based on scientific facts, others are artistic representations.

    We can only photograph things from were we been, or sent our technology. Since nothing 'man made' didn't left our galaxy, we obviosly don't have images of it from 'outside'.
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    They are generated images, with a few real images mixed in.
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