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How difficult is the maths involved in Theoretical Physics?

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    For a while now I've known that I would like to do theoretical physics, but I'm having trouble finding out how hard the maths involved actually is. I would like to study this a Trinity College, and on their website the minimum requirements are a B2 in higher level physics (no problem, I can do that), and the same in higher level maths. Problem.

    Now, I'm definitely not bad at maths. I got 68% on my Christmas test, and most of those mistakes were due to me panicking in the exam situation, and when I redid the questions afterwards for homework I got them all right.

    I got 85% (A2) on the physics exam though.

    So, what I really need to know before I make any decisions is; how hard is the maths?
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    imo if you are able to get yourself accepted to trinity, you are capable of doing the work . . .
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    The math usually isn't what makes physics hard. Some of the current theories are using very modern mathematics, so I would say the math involved can be as hard as you want it to be.
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