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How do I change a poisson spreadsheet into a bivariate version?

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    I have an excel spreadsheet that uses poisson to figure out the probability of correct scores in soccer matches.

    How do I amend the spreadsheet to use a bivariate poisson distribution?
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    If the two variables are independent, just multiply the Poisson distributions of each. If they are not independent, what information about the correlation do you have?
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    1. There is additional restriction - draw probability as parameter for distribution. Draw - this is the case when M(t) = N(t).
    In common Pdraw = sum(M(ti)*N(ti)), i = 0, 1, 2 ....

    2. I have tried to multiply the Poisson distributions of each for calculation the spreadsheet, but calculated Pdraw is lower than fact Pdraw. And calculated data don't correlate with fact data. Results from this that I don't take into account some factors (first of all, draw probability), which shall correct Poisson distribution.

    How I can take into account draw probability to modificate the Poisson distribution?
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