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How do i factor this36(2x-y)^2-25(u-2y)^2

  1. Feb 6, 2007 #1
    how do i factor this

    i was thinking to expand the brackets first?? but im not really sure
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    In general the difference of two squares (which is what you have) is easily factored.

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    alright so once i've got that what do i do with the 25 and 36 outside the brackets
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    matt grime

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    Once you 'do that' you don't have any 25 or 36 outside any brackets.
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    5^2 = 25
    6^2 = 36
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    Gib Z

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    Let 2x-y=A and u=2y=B

    36(A^2) - 25(B^2)= (6A)^2 - (5B)^2
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    Since we know 6^2 = 36 could you do it easier if it was written as: 36(2x-y)^2 = 6^2(2x-y)^2 = [(6)(2x-y)]^2 and you did the same process to simplify the other term.
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