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How do I get an A in Bio AP if I know nothing about Biology?

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    So basically when I took Biology G/T Freshman year of High School, I never listened in class or did the homework since my life was absorbed by video games (ending with a C average in class, almost a D). Now, as a senior, Im taking Biology AP however I really want to turn over a new leaf (and get an A). The problem is: nothing makes sense in Biology AP since everything seems to branc off of Bio GT. Also, due to the workload I have, our class has already covered several chapters in the book and I have unfortunately failed the tests on them since I didnt have time to study or figure out how to study. But now I do have time. For a guy who knows next to nothing about Biology and is already around a quarter behind in Biology AP, what should I do to learn the stuff I need to and catch up?? (Also, in class, the teacher doesnt really teach, she does a bunch of labs, and tests us, and occasionally gives us worksheets)

    Also, my textbook is the Black 'Biology' book by Campbell Reece 7th Edition. What chapters/parts should I read to catch up (as obviously I shouldn't/cant read the entire thing)? And what else should I do (maybe buy an AP bio prep book?)?
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    I think you need to talk to your teacher and ask her these questions. Without knowing what topics you're covering, or what order, it's hard to know what you've missed. Aside from talking to your teacher, and perhaps arranging a tutor to help you catch up, the best starting place is probably to go through your old assignments and tests and make sure you understand the material on them.

    I'm surprised your school allowed you to take an AP biology course if you did poorly in your first bio course. Usually those courses are reserved for the honors students who have gotten As or Bs in their prior classes in the subject.
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    Work. Work, then work some more. There is no easy way out of this one.
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