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Stargazing How do i make a telescope computerized?

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    Hello ,
    i have a jessops 800-80 astronomical telescope and i was wondering how to make it more stable because when i was viewing saturn in virgo i was looking at it the a gentle breeze came and it just went wappy and the same when i was viewing the moon . so i thought is there a way to make it computerized or more stable so it won't go all over the place . it is a Altazimuth mount.

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    Complicating the set-up with computer control won't help you. When you have a telescope that shudders at the lightest touch (even a gentle breeze) you have an OTA that is on a mount that is far too flimsy to ever allow you to enjoy using that 'scope. Sorry.
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    The alt-az mount is the problem with your telescope. There is a bit of play at EVERY joint... where the legs meet the tripod head, where the yoke is inserted into the tripod head, where the yoke attaches to the OTA and especially the side arm alt adjustment. There are things you can do to make it slightly better but the best solution is to scrap the tripod/mount. You could spend a lot more for a mount/tripod that would handle it or you could make one. Cut and paste this term into Google and see how to make a low-cost mount from threaded pipe.

    "pipe mount" www.site:cloudynights.com
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