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Medical How do I stimulate my pituitary gland?

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    Hey I am still only 17 years and thus still in puberty so I would like to maximize the height that I can get.

    How do I stimulate the pituitary gland in every way possible?

    I would like to grow as tall as I can, thanks!

    Are there any foods or chemicals that stimulate the pituitary gland?

    I don't care about personal morals, all I want is the facts. Does it work? Is it dangerous?

    Let me know, thanks!
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    You can't without medical intervention, and ethical doctors would never do such a thing without cause.

    Your height is set by your genetics. If you think you have a medical condition that impairs growth, please seek medical help. We can't help you here.

    Your endocrine (hormone) system is not something you want to mess with.

    We do. Please review the rules before posting again:

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