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How can I know my final height?

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    Hi, friends
    I have heard that I can through x_ray know my final height or something like that. I am 18 years and 8 months old with nearly 175cm height. Don't tell me I am done because I have heard about a lot of cases of height growth after 18. I would be satisfied with 180 . I don't know but I feel as if my body finds it difficult to increase height,my skin and joints are some how very stiff. I find it difficult to fully open my hand. I have pretty short hands,feet,legs and arms compared to my height. I want to know about bone age but please be easy I searched about it and didn't find satisfying information may because I am not that good with biology. And How reliable is it?
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    Perhaps a lot of your questions may be best addressed with a visit to a doctor - and perhaps a follow-up with a specialist. Do you have an annual physical coming up?
    That said, I was still growing well into my 20's.
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    I think so but I was asking how much reliable is that bone age test.do you think it's common to visit a doctor for matters like that? I have never visited a doctor for that. Actually I rarely go to doctors .
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    I think @.Scott was recommending a check-up with your family doctor because of what you said in the quote above about your stiffness. I also think it would be a good idea for you to get a check-up. :smile:

    You would need to give us some links to web pages that describe what you are talking about. And keep in mind we can't give any medical advice here, but we might be able to comment on the web pages.
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    There is no way to predict your final height.

    However, you may still experience additional growth within the next few years. It would be a good idea to visit a doctor now to ensure your pituitary gland is functioning optimally.

    Also, nutrition is a well known influence for a persons height. It wouldn't be a bad idea to ensure you are eating well even now, in addition to taking care of your basic health check-ups and exercising.

    Still, nothing wrong with a person having a shorter than average height, at all. You can overcome anything regardless of height. :smile:
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    Just for info web says average height of men in USA is 177cm so you appear well within the "normal" range. I see no need to visit a doctor unless you are concerned that you are worrying too much about your height.

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    Any test of that sort is based on averages, so you're going to get a likely height with a plus-or-minus, not an answer that's guaranteed to apply exactly to you.
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    X-rays can to show growth (or epiphyseal) plates in long bones.
    There are the locations where these bones grow in length, thus contributing to growth in height.
    They are diminished or gone in adults who no longer are growing.
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    @AhmedHesham, please do not visit your GP for such things. X-Ray tests and 1 hour GP visit are quiet expensive for the Public Healthcare System no matter which country you're from.

    Both growth rate and final stature are largely dependent on genetic inheritance, so that, to an extent, a child's final height can be predicted from the height of the parents as a generic rule. However, growth and development are also influenced by the child's environment, illness or nutrition, intellectual stimulation and emotional support (e.g stress in childhood might affect your final height).

    X-Rays allows you to measure how much cartilaginous joints are left as these will become "real" bone by the end of the puberty. This means that the final height is reached at the age 16. If you're older than that, not sure if your height might keep changing any longer, buddie.
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    Thanks everybody for replying
    Sorry for being late
    I think I wait now and see in the future.
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