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How do we write mathematical symbols on whatsapp or google

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    Do we need a keyboard for that.There are apps. Or can we write some code or latex? Or does whatsapp or google having so many developers even accept mathematical symbols like the θ sign or ∫ sign?
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    Are you on a mobile device? If so, you'll probably have to copy-paste them, unless you're on android and can find a downloadable keyboard with them.
    The symbols you've placed in your post are directly searchable in google.
    If you're looking for information regarding integrals, you're much better off just using the words.
    Do any of those address your question? If not please clarify.
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    Ios supports 3rd party keyboards, too.
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    Once upon a time, people simply wrote latex, maybe without the backslash. int_0^x dx' sin(alpha x)=cos(alpha x) / alpha
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