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How do you measure your self-worth?

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    Do you base your self-worth on the career path you choose , do you measure your self-worth by how productive you are in comparison to members of the rest of society? Do you measure your self-worth based on how many new friends you are able to attract or how many friends you possess now ? Do you based your self-worth on how much money you make or how much of an impact you have on those individuals within your own surroundings? How much progression you make towards reaching the goals you set for yourself? How creative you are? How much more knowledgeable you are on a particular topic or a number of different topics compared to the general population or even a specialize population? I guess based my self worth on how much knowledge I possess in my subject of interest and how productive I am .I liked to know what you based your self-worth on:I am sure it is a number of different things and not necessarily one particular thing.
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    I don't think self-worth means much. You may have an extremely high self-worth, when other people think you're worthless.
    For example, there's some people who will strut around like they're the best thing since sliced bread yet there is nothing positive about that person. They have no job, eight kids with nine different women and they generally just annoy people. Somehow they manage to have a self-worth that's off the scale.
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    I don't value self worth by what people have, but what they are able to share or give freely. This would include everything from knowledge, spare time and basic kindness. These kinds of people have self value of unmeasurable proportions. They are also people who know little of their worth.
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    I typically measure my self worth in gold ingot. Therefore my actual value ebbs depending on the price of the yen.
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    So do you think overall worth is what based on how people judge you ? One can easily twist your claim around and say that people might think you are the best thing since slice bread, but you could be torn up inside like car scrap metal at a junkyard. Lots of people put rockstars on a high pedestal , but many of them have personal issues to deal with like drug abuse and depression. Then their are some people who admired the work of some artists, but the work the artist just might not be good enough in his eyes
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    Your self-worth is how you feel about yourself. Some people are utter crap, yet they have a high self-worth, and some people are really self-deprecating, yet they really are a valuable asset.
    What other people think about you doesn't affect your self-worth, but your self-worth can be high unjustifyably. How people judge you can be twisted. Some people will judge you just from looking at your skin color.
    I think a really valuable person is someone who will help someone else when they're in need. For example if someone is beating up a woman in an ally and you walk by them and do nothing, you're not very valuable. Every valuable person should do something in that situation, yet there's so many who do nothing.
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    Well said. I would like to add that if you feel the need to measure your own value it has already decreased.
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    I think someone who can maintain a high self-worth would be closer to being happy than a person who does not. If your self-worth is dependent on the opinion of others you are setting yourself up for failure.

    You kind of have to envy a person who truly finds worth in their own existence despite the opinion of others. Even if that person may seem useless to you.

    The only thing you can try to do is lower their own self-worth. What kind of person would that make you?
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