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How do you tackle professors who only use slides?

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    Hi everyone, (dont know if this is the right place to ask)

    I was wondering if any of you had experience with professors who ONLY use slides, and rarely write on the blackboard. I myself find it quite difficult to note anything down when it is presented on a slide, and sometimes when I look at the slides after the lecture I haven't got a clue what it is about. I really prefer when they write on the blackboard, that way I can take notes and "follow" them in a way at the same time.

    What is your experience with this? And more importantly how do you tacke it?

    Thanks in advance
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    I happen to be the opposite. I prefer going over slides than hand-written notes. What works for me is printing out the slides, and going over each individual one until I've got it down. I don't move on to the next until I can understand it and write the contents of the slide on a sheet of paper or explain it out-loud to myself.

    It's better to grasp a subject from let's say the first half of slides really well than to have glossed over them all and have a basic idea.
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    The slides are crappy if you can't follow them. A good slide is better than hand notes because you concentrate on the material instead of trying to make copies during the lecture.
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    Try some reading before the lecture. Take note what you think is important. Then listen to class and take note of what was discussed. Read again afterwards. This is basically what I do for all my classes: slides or board.
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    When I was in engineering school, overhead projectors were crappy and couldn't be seen well, and Power-Point was a distant dream. I would have had to change my note-taking severely if a prof was able to throw up slide after slide and just coast through them. Writing on a 'board at least lets the students watch how a problem is deconstructed and solved, and that is a BIG thing IMO. Good luck.
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    Do you get the slides in advance? If so, print them out and skim through in advance, then during lecture you can make notes directly on them of things the professor said to explain them.
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    Don't lead with your head. Grapple their waist and hold on until you've brought them to the ground.
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    Yeah, you'll get penalized for that. Also, you stated they might slide, so you want to make sure you stay low.

    For real, though, like other stated: as tough as it is to find the time sometimes it helps if you can be somewhat familiar with the material (or preferrably with the slides) before the lecture.
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    Lol! Something like that came to mind when I read the thread title, but I couldn't think of a witty enough retort.

    I actually use a lot of powerpoints for my lectures, but it's not the media that's the problem, rather how it's used. A lot of other lecturers put up slide after slide with walls of text on them, or entire diagrams with loads of labels, and it's hard for a student to figure out where to focus, or where to begin. I prefer using the animations to bring in words or labels one at a time so it's easier to follow (plain old "appear"...another annoying thing I see are lectures where things are flying in or flashing and dissolving, and the motion is distracting from reading).
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    You could try this approach.....

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    Thanks for all your replies! I'll try to print Them in advance, seems like a really good idea.

    For those who gave me tips on how to TACKLE the professors, that really made my day lol :D
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