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How does chloral hydrate affect GABAnergism?

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    After some poking around I found this article<sup>1</sup> suggesting that chloral hydrate somehow has a hypnotic (sleep inducing) effect via GABA agonism, but this isn't very specific.

    What I need to know is if it causes a deluge of intracellular GABAnergism in the post-synaptic (dendritic) neurons. Will it eventually result in a tolerance to chloral hydrate and GABA via the compensatory response whereby an abnormally high level of intracellular neurotransmitter stimulation (whether it is caused by the neurotransmitter or another chemical that happens to stimulates the receptor) causes the cell to reduce the number of neuroreceptors for the elevated neurotransmitter type on the cell body?

    I need to know for my family.

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