How does magnetic interactions happen in proximity?

Please provide more context or clarification.In summary, the conversation is discussing the relationship between protons and electrons and the distance between them, as well as the concept of a dispersion field in quantum electrodynamics. The individual is seeking clarification and asks for resources to learn more about the topic.
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is it explained? (proximity = between protons and electrons distance)
is it a dispersion field (a more general term for boson field, but for everything, cause' i don't know what is right)
or is it about something else in total?

i tried to find it, but yahoo answers came up...
can someone point me to the right topics?
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1832vin said:
is it explained?
What does "it" mean? Quantum electrodynamics works, and it can fully describe the electromagnetic interaction.
1832vin said:
is it a dispersion field (a more general term for boson field, but for everything, cause' i don't know what is right)
That does not make sense.

1. How do magnets attract and repel each other?

Magnets attract and repel each other due to their magnetic fields. When two magnets are placed in proximity, their magnetic fields interact with each other. Opposite poles (north and south) attract each other, while like poles (north and north or south and south) repel each other.

2. What causes magnetic interactions to occur?

Magnetic interactions occur due to the presence of magnetic fields. These fields are created by the movement of electrically charged particles, such as electrons. In magnets, the electrons are aligned in the same direction, creating a strong magnetic field.

3. Can magnetic interactions happen at a distance?

Yes, magnetic interactions can happen at a distance. Even when two magnets are not in direct contact, their magnetic fields can still interact with each other. This is why magnets can attract or repel each other from a distance.

4. What is the role of the magnetic pole in magnetic interactions?

The magnetic pole plays a crucial role in magnetic interactions. It is the source of the magnetic field and determines the direction of the magnetic force. The strength of the magnetic field is also dependent on the magnetic pole, with stronger poles producing stronger magnetic fields.

5. How does the distance between two magnets affect their magnetic interactions?

The distance between two magnets is directly related to the strength of their magnetic interactions. The closer the magnets are, the stronger the magnetic force between them. As the distance increases, the magnetic force decreases. This is because the magnetic field weakens as it spreads out over a greater distance.

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