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How does mathematics research look for physics graduate?

  1. Sep 3, 2012 #1
    I'm interested in mathematical or theoretical physics (and, I am quite aware of how daunting it is to obtain a career in this field). I'm curious, if I do research with the mathematics department, does this look good?

    Currently I might have a project in dynamical systems, although I could also do a project with elliptic curves, which are rather far removed from physics as far as I know (short of maybe quantum cryptography, although it's just a wide guess that the two have anything in common).
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    I am also interested in this. I am currently finishing B.Sc. degrees in mathematics and physics, I am planning on doing a Master's in mathematics, maybe in algebraic/differential topology, Lie theory or noncommutative algebra.

    My hope is that by mixing some quantum field theory into my degree, options of both physics and mathematics research will be open to me.
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    Research in the math department certainly looks better than no research in the math department if you assume otherwise identical resumes/grades/... . As you may realize from this answer, you may not have asked the proper question. Incidently, asking the right question often is a central and non-trivial part of doing theoretical or mathematical physics.
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