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Homework Help: How dose the body digest different nutrients such as vitamins

  1. Oct 22, 2009 #1
    How dose the body digest different nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in ways of when it goes into each organ what happens?

    This is what I have so far:
    Vitamins are adsorbed through small intestine. There are two types of vitamins such as on is water soluble such as vitamins B and C. Then the other group is fat soluble which contains vitamins A, D, K and E. The fat soluble vitamins are stored in the tissues of the liver and the water soluble vitamins are not easily stored and excess amounts are transported to the excretory system through the urine.
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    Re: Digestion

    Hello laura,in order for people here to help you can you be more precise with your question and can you summarise what you know already?The digestive system is extremely complex and numerous tomes have been written on the subject,so where does anyone start with an answer?My guess is that you want to know about the action of "digestive enzymes" and if so you could probably get most of the information you need by googling.
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