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How exctly the higgs field originted after the big bang?

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    i know that they are trying to recreate the higgs boson at CERN LHC, but talking about when the big bang happened, how was the higgs field suppose to happen?
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    I was under the impression that the higgs field always existed, and it was only once the energy levels of the universe were reduced below a certain point that things acquired mass.
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    Phase Transitions in the Early Universe - Electroweak and QCD Transitions

    The Higgs-particle field has a potential energy that's shaped like a bowl with a hump in the middle. When the temperature is high enough to make Higgs particles (T >~ mH ~ 125 GeV), then the resulting Higgs-field fluctuations compensate for that central hump, and above about 300 GeV, make it disappear altogether.

    That means that the Higgs field stops having a nonzero average value at about then, ending the low-energy Higgs mechanism.

    [hep-ph/9702324] Finite temperature effects on the neutrino decoupling in the early Universe - thermal fluctuations create effective masses for every particle, with mass values about (interaction strength) * T.
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    The descriptions I've seen are similar to the prior post.
    My understanding is the Higgs field are associated with particular types of vacuums. I have never heard it proposed that before the big bang there existed a Higgs field everywhere. Such a Higgs mechanism
    according to Roger Penrose in THE ROAD TO REALITY, 28.1.
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    I think the Higgs field is a manual input to inflation....and the standard model of particle physics.....just like the inflation which originated with Guth is a manual input...a mathematical tool used to solve some issues and produce some observational predictions...

    I also checked several sections of Wikipeida...via "Higgs mechanism" and ended up here:

    But if they describe the origin of the field I missed it: They say the Higgs boson is a tachyon...but not faster than light....

    The link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachyon_condensation describes how a Higgs like scalar field produces particles....

    edit: here is a related discussion:

    and I am reminded from it that the Higgs field is associated with a non zero expectation vacuum...hence I believe that suggests the Higgs field did NOT exist before the BB....maybe an 'expert' will clarify for us.
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    The field that makes inflation is sometimes called the inflaton (no i), and it's like a spin-0 one.

    However, the inflaton cannot be the Higgs particle, because of the great difference in energy scales:
    Higgs: ~ 300 GeV
    inflaton: ~ 1015 GeV
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