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How far do W+ - and Z guage bosons travel in m?

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    This is as far as I've got so far but I think I'm stuck. These bosons are inside neutrinos and they go near the speed of light. The half life of these bosons (lambada) is 3*(10-25) s

    The speed of light (c) is 299 792 458m/s

    So I did this c / 3*(10-25) = 9.993081931m/s

    I just don't have a good feeling about this.
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    d = vt, not v/t.
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    So Distance is equal to Velocity multiplied by Time, ok thank you.

    Therefore 299 792 458 * 3*10-25 = 8.9937737-16 m/s

    So that's roughly 9 femto metres?
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    m, not m/s. We're talking about distance, right?

    And 1 femtometer (fm) is 10-15 m so 9 x 10-16 m = 0.9 fm.
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    Oh yeah woops I did indeed mean m, I even pressed edit on that post to check and I still missed that.
    Wow thank you so the answer then is that these guage bosons travel 0.9 fm. in there time span of 0.00000003 atto seconds?

    Edit I looked up SI units on Wikipedia, they have more SI units than my Maths dictionary. 0.3 ym yocto seconds
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