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How I lost my avatar and needed to re-subscribe

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    Some while ago I edited my prefile and changed my e-mail address to PF e-mail address.

    About the same time I started receiving the following message whenever I attempted to do anything other than read messages on PF:

    I sent a couple of e-mails to admin alerting them to the situation. When the message continued to appear, I re-subscribed with a "plain" userid. My old userid had an avatar, which I cannot use now.
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    Avatars are now available to contributors. Older members that had avatars prior to the revision before last were allowed to keep their avatars unless they made changes, at that point the avatar would disappear.
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    EnumaElish joined on 7/4/05, so could not have been the beneficiary of keeping an old avatar before contributor status was necessary. Indeed, EnumaElish was a contributor. This is some strange kind of error on PF's part that needs to be ironed out.

    Enuma, I am going to bring this to Greg's attention, and hopefully we can get everything back to normal for you.
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    Thanks, that's nice of you.
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    testing testing testing
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    Thank you, PF!
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