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Unable to Start a Thread in Learning Materials forums.

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    I can't start a thread in any of the Math & Science Learning Materials forums. I get the message:

    So what's going on?
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    I believe that only staff can post in the Learning Materials section. What were you wanting to post there?
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    A link to this, which gives guidelines for writing a scientific research article (from the biology department, but as far as I can tell, suitable for all science papers). I thought it was something many people might want to know, and I didn't know where else to put it.
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    Well, since no one is interested, let me continue. I was looking on the web specifically for rules on the style you should use in scientific papers.

    For example, some sources say the methods and results must be in the passive voice, others say always use the active voice. Some say avoid the first person, rather use "this paper", "this study" etc. others say you must always use the first person.

    I was hoping to make a thread where people can share resources on this sort of thing.
    Can Anyone HELP!
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    I think it depends significantly on the area of science and the journal. The best idea is to check similar publications and the style guidelines of the journal.
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