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How is maths separated from religion?

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    This is not a religious diatribe, I am an agnostic leaning heavily towards atheism.

    But, dark matter and dark energy are just equations used to close a gaping hole in our understanding. Singularities are not understood. Expansion is not understood.

    But more importantly, theoretical physics often cannot be experimentally verified. If we are throwing the scientific method out of the window, how is this mathematical magic different from religion? Is this a cul-de-sac we have been trapped in too long? Or can it be verified without experiment?
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    Nonsense. Both dark energy and dark matter are valid explanations for observed phenomena. The fact that they depend heavily upon math is no different than any modern theory.

    The list of poorly understood phenomena is large and will probably never be zero. The key is that science leads to a gradual understanding of phenomena that were previously unknown or not understood at all and it does so through the use of math and the application of the scientific method.

    Comparing data from observations made through telescopes to various cosmological and astronomical models and eliminating those which cannot support the observations is a shining example of experimental verification. We may not know exactly what dark energy or dark matter is, but we know a great deal about what it isn't.
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    The whole premise of this question mischaracterizes science, mathematics and religion. All three. How can a useful discussion follow from such a start?
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    Agreed. This topic is not appropriate for PF.

    Thread closed.
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