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A How is radiation distributed in this experimental setup

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    http://imgur.com/a/8B1EV http://imgur.com/a/8B1EV
    As shown, an X-ray tube (source) is striking a fluorescent plate.

    The source has a large angle (100+) that the rays are emitted.

    How is radiation distributed (spatially and energetically) in this set up? Does this differ from other type of distribution produced by other types of radiation?

    My thoughts are that the fluorescent X-rays produced from the plate material are distributed from the site of incident radiation in a spherical distribution.

    However some things I am unsure of:

    How the rays propagate from the source. Do they bounce of the shield and get directed towards the plate?

    Would as much energy be deposited at any location located a distance r away from the point where the rays from the source are incident on the plate? As long as this location is not behind the plate?
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