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How long will be the end of the world

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    In fact,
    How long will be the end of our humanity? I think our planet will recover herself, only we will be destroyed, after the breakage of ice frame in Antartica , and things like global warming.

    I think it will take another millions of years for our humanity to be like today, where there are high-tech things and high standard of living

    Are there actually any things that the scientists and politicians are doing in the background instead of marketing to comfort people?

    Is it still possible to stop, slow down or even reverse the damage or if we are just waiting for the end of the world in tens or hundreds of years no matter what

    (( btw, could anyone help correct the grammar of my English? I am an English learner)
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    Hello Ken,

    I hope you don't expect an answer in terms of ##x \pm y## years :rolleyes: ?
    This is a physics forum and although there is a lot of physics in the phenomena involved, your main subject is anything but physical.
    Humans have remarkable capabilities to adapt to circumstances, so let's rely on that. Eradication of alll of humanity in a short period is unlikely to happen even in the most disastrous scenario.
    In the mean time thinking about such scenarios and in particular the man-made unfavourable developments is a worthwhile effort.
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    @BvU I think you have been April fooled.:woot:
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    I did not April fool anybody. I got the email notification that I've missed the forum for quite some time then I got back here asking some questions that I always want to know
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    I know we will not be eradicated in short period. However, how long it would be, approximately. Can we survive another one thousand year

    Unfortunaltey, in less than 100 years, we have polluted our planet more than the millions of years before
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