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How many of think about starting your own biz?

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    this question is more for the students here, myself thinking about a consulting company (computers related).
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    I always do, but it's really hard to start up.
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    I do that already believe me, globally the entry to that market may be easy in the sence that you only need to know what you are doing, but there are so many other hidden barriers. You just are not going to be competitive enough with the likes of infosys and wipro mass producing cheap labor in India.

    If you are wanting some niche home help stuff then maybe. (personally I could never do anything like that, would bore me stupid)

    The corporation "consulting firms" easy money days are gone. Plus the big companies, where the money is at, typically only will talk to other big companies and create key account type stuff. Unless what you are offering is very advanced technology knowledge, and you have a network of like minded people, you may find you are exiting the market with less than you entered it with.

    Good luck tho, Working for yourself is much better and far more rewarding than working for other people.
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    Well, you will never get rich working for someone else.

    That being said, owning a business is a PITA. If you have a good, desirable product or service, and don't mind doing the Federal/State/Local taxes, insurance, healthcare, Social Security, payroll, inventory, quarterly reports, advertising, dealing with employees, public, clients, creditors, deadbeats, then have at it. However, being your own boss can have some advantages.
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    And of course you have to learn to delegate :tongue2:
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    I was thinking of creating a company that sells ice cream made from human colostrum. After attempting to purchase a large quantity at the local milk bank I was assured it was against FDA regulations. They muttered something about disease control.

    You can imagine how upset I was when I found this add.
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    My plan is to eventually have my own film/music production company.

    I plan to first set up a studio for my movies so I can be as independent and in control as possible of every aspect (setting up a studio is very easy now a days, the being in control part is the hard part if you plan on not starving :) ).
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    Actually, this works well if you can find the right people or person. My wife and I owned a video store and the worst thing was scheduling employees. We offered one of our employees more money to take that headache job of doing all the scheduling and dealing with all the requests for time off, etc. Made our life better.
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    I have wanted to start up an internet business in the past. But in order to succeed I would really need to offer something unique(and useful) - very hard to do. Even if I did think of something very unique and something that me and my close friends may think would succeed, theres always a chance that all my effort will go down the drain. :-(
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