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Looking to start a career in Astrophysics/Aerospace LATE..

  1. Dec 11, 2016 #1
    This might be a bit of an odd post, but it is very legit and I am very serious. I am currently 35, and work as a Network Engineer, and have since 1999. I always had a love of two things... computers and space. I got lucky with computers. I do have a genius level IQ on the higher end of the spectrum, but when I was a kid my parents screwed up pretty good with a nasty divorce right when I hit my teens, I went from a perfect student to a pure failure and then dropped out at 16, though I turned around the day I turned 17 and hot one of the highest recorded GED scores, not a big accomplishment. I have a weird way of looking at things and understanding how they work, so school never really helped much anyways. I got lucky that I was interested in computers in the early 90s and hit the workforce just as the dot-com boom started and they were hiring any complete idiot. I had a great career, got the CCIE, along with many other certs, but was in a small plane crash a few years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury which took me put of work. I am now doing a lot better and have my own consulting biz, so that I can work around my health. The problem is, I have been rapidly losing interest in computers, and gaining in space flight. I have always been a natural with aircraft, had my pilots license before my driver's license. I have this weird feeling that I have to do something related to spaceflight. I dont know what, but it is nearly overpowering, like I HAVE to do it, and don't even care if I make any money, humans NEED to get into space, not just orbit, it's a weird obsession... I know. I have done a lot of tinkering, and picked up orbital mechanics very easily. So, here is the thing... 36 y/o Genius, prior brain injury, high school drop out, no college, but very high-end IT certs. Do I have any chance, and how do I break into the field? I had no prob with going strange routes in IT. I did get a bunch of awesome domain names and have been building out a web portal dedicated to amateur space-flight and CubeSat launches, very in depth cloud solution, wiki's, distributed computing for calculations, and more, just tons of resources, but it is moving very slow. The interest just isn't anywhere near it is in IT. So, any tips on breaking in? My goal with the portal was to be able to get my own CubeSat in orbit, figuring I can use that as proof of skills, but it really doesn't seem like it is enough, anyone saving up enough cash can hop on a launch. Apologies on misspellings, using my phone and autocorrect is going a wee bit crazy.
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  3. Dec 16, 2016 #2
    Sorry you didn't get a reply. I was just checking unanswered threads.

    Are you completely sure you wouldn't want to return to school? I don't see a way around that.
  4. Dec 18, 2016 #3
    There is a large supply of highly qualified people who want to work in astro and aero. The demand is lower than the supply. Even people with degrees often end up not working in the field. I would not rate the prospects of breaking in as very high.
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