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How many of you fear computers

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    How many of you "fear" computers

    How many of you "fear" computers - posting, flaming, downtime, complexity, hackers, spam, dating, etc?
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    Not me,it would be very hard to stop using a computer. I just use common sense.
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    Won't the responses to this be a bit biased since this is being asked on an internet forum. So I don't think many people will respond saying they are afraid of computers.
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    PF was the first site that I ever ran across, and I've never looked back. I therefore have no idea of what 'flame wars' or other crap is about. The closest that I ran across here was when that idiot 'Bicycle Tree' was trying to bait me. I'm still here, and he's not, so I consider that to be Darwinism at its best.
    To me, a computer is a tool just like my Vise-Grips and welder and hammer. When I need it, I use it. Otherwise, it sits and waits for me. I certainly don't fear it, other than the 'how much is this upgrade going to cost?' kind of fear.
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    I don't think I understand the question. It sounds like you're talking about the Internet. Networks are very different from computers.

    I think it's reasonable for there to be more fear about the growth of the net. Will it be everywhere? How many people will steal my art? How much of my identity is publicly available?

    On the other hand, the growth of computation is less worrisome. It just means more accurate scientific models, faster render times, nicer looking video games, and more creative power for everyone.

    Combine that with the growth and networks, though, and who knows what'll happen. :surprised
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    This morning alone I received five offers to let me distribute amounts from a few million to 86 million "dollars"!
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    No fear, given that my PC is immunized against techno-strikes, cybotages, stealing of hackint, kiddiots, and ethical hackers.

    This nice set of terms is courtesy of http://www.wordspy.com/index/Computers-HackingandHackers.asp [Broken], great place to learn new words :P
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    Thanks, me-te-or!
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