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How many square centimeters are in 3.39ft^2?

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    How many square centimeters are in 3.39ft^2? (use cm^2)
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    EGarner, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Here on these forums are members highly educated, highly experienced, and both. We are always ready to assist others in advancing their scientific knowledge and understanding. Here you are expected to learn how to do things like simple mathematics yourself. So, to convert square feet to square centimeters, you may use an online converter. Using Google search I found many different ones in less than ONE SECOND! Try one of these:


    After you have your answer, feel free to come back here with any questions or doubts about physics you may have.
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    Thanks guys! I figured that one out! There is another one that I am having difficulities with. The only problem is that I don't know which equation to use!

    How long in seconds does it take a ball dropped from 190 meter tower to hit the ground?
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