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How many ways to compute Puiseux series?

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    How many ways in the entire world are there for computing Puiseux expansions of algebraic functions? I know of three published methods:

    (1) Newton-polygon

    (2) Create a differential equation for the algebraic function then solve it via power series

    (3) Some matrix method I'm not too familiar with.

    Is that all?

    Let me know guys if I'm missing something.

    Thank you,
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    it's a big world. do you have a problem these do not suffice to solve? that would make a more limited question.
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    Unfortunately I do have a problem those three do not in themselves suffice to solve. However, if those are the only methods available then my problem is solved.

    However two years ago, Adrien Poteaux in http://www.lifl.fr/~poteaux/fichiers/JSC_ISSAC08.pdf
    stated, "we know of three methods to compute Puiseux series" and it looks like he's the expert in the matter although I'm not sure. Perhaps I should go with that. I did e-mail him but he never replied.

    By the way, I did obtain a copy of Walker. Thank you for that reference. :)
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