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How much candy should I eat this year?

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    I am a teenager. My exercise: occasional walking/bowling. My diet: whatever's served for breakfast (sometimes I go without breakfast), lunch and dinner. With the occasional snacking.

    Seeing as I don't know what sort of candy I will eat (if I get any), how much candy should I eat?
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    All of it.

    Humans are simply candy consuming machines with the required appendages to provide sufficient mobility to acquire candy. You may stop when you are at 50/50 split of candy and insulin.

    There are only two possible ways to think about this:

    1. Evolution: You've evolved to desire eating candy until you puke. Since this is an evolutionary instict that means it has been chosen for through natural selection for millions of years. By acting on it, you are empirically increasing your chances of procreating.
    2. Creationism: God created you in such a manner that you desire candy. This is devine will. Don't fight it.

    Flex has spoken.
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