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Medical Should i add a Phosphorus supplement to my diet?

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    so should I add a phosphorus supplement to my diet? I currently take 1 walmart brand multi vitamin and half and iron pill a day. I don't eat much meat but I drink milk to make up for the protein and calcium, i'll be going on a diet soon concisting of about 4 cups of milk, 50 grams of whey protein and creatine monohydrate mixed with lemonaid during workouts. for breakfast it will be a bowl of oatmeal and apples for fiber and for dinner 1 400-600 cal microwave dinner.

    also what do you guys think of DHEA, before when I was working out I was taking half a pill and I don't know if it was doing anything but it had this side effect of taking the water out of my skin?
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    This is best answered by your doctor or nutritionist. I'm sorry but we can't help you further on this.
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    Please note that nutritionists are not legally protected professions in many countries. This means that anyone could begin calling themselves a nutritionist and go about dispensing advice with no training. A dietitian however is a credited, legally protected profession concerned with advising on diet.
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